Why Finland’s Education System Is the Best Education System in the World


Education and training are both things that are incomplete without each other. In fact, education and training are used as a single term for the good upbringing of a child, and the fact is that training and education without education are not possible without knowledge. The education system and curriculum of any country play a key role in its development.

We are now seeing an increase in the trend of educating children in good and quality schools, but there are still many flaws in our education system that need to be addressed and improved and innovated.

In the subcontinent, parents consider the education system they graduated to be the last word, and adhere to the same old standards. But the world is changing rapidly, and with this changing world, the education system, educational standards, and curriculum also need to change.

What are the changing trends, especially in the world of education?

We need to be good and smart parents to assess the changes that are taking place in today’s world. It has to do with the child’s future. Developed nations are always thinking about this and improving their education system. Every US presidential candidate has to state in his or her manifesto how he or she will improve the education system.

If the future of a country is to be estimated, it can be gauged from the education system in that country. What is being taught to children, and what items have been included in the curriculum on a priority basis.

Former United States President Barack Obama said in a speech that

“Only those nations that have the best education systems in the world will be able to fight for their survival in today’s rapidly changing world.”

This is what the president of a superpower is saying, while we rarely see serious dialogue on this subject. Parents ٗ Leaders of political parties and policymakers are free to worry about which curriculum is being taught in schools.

What Is The Method Of Teaching And How Will It Affect The Future Of The Children?

Like other topics, parents need to increase their literacy and knowledge on this topic. So that on the one hand they can motivate schools to adopt good teaching and better learning outcomes. At the same time, they can force the government and political parties to make education and better curriculum their priority and make the best policy for it. Finland ranks first among the countries in the world that are currently considered ideal in terms of the education system.

Finland’s Education System:

Nokia Mobile Phone Des Finland, located in Northern Europe, is currently an ideal and leading place in the world thanks to its excellent and advanced education system. With a population of about 5.5 million, the country has surpassed countries like the United Kingdom and the United States in terms of its education system. Educators around the world are constantly reviewing the system. And asking to adopt the virtues of this system.

Homeschooling In Finland:

Finland is currently the only country in the world that has adopted many unconventional methods for educating children and introduced new aspects of education and training to the world.

In Finland, the child begins a regular educational journey at the age of seven. At the age of six, the child learns by playing games in the preschool system. Before that children are taught at home, for which the term homeschooling is used. (We’ve talked about homeschooling in detail in a separate chapter.)

Role of Teacher in Education System:

The “teacher” is central to the Finnish education system. The teacher must have a master’s degree. The selection process for teachers is very difficult and our civil service exam is similar to CSS. Candidates with a highly intelligent and high academic record are selected in this competitive examination. Teachers are given very good salaries and benefits, which is why the most intelligent and capable people in the country prefer to be teachers. Estimate that the annual salary of a primary school teacher is up to Rs. 4 million. Due to the salary of the teacher and the respect given to this profession, the teacher teaches with utmost sincerity and responsibility.

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