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The Oxford Apparatus for ordinary Russian admissions is, to say the least, a magical institution for the elite. Beautiful old buildings, green lawns, students in costumes, wise professors’ rich library, it all seems somehow distant and unreal. On the one hand, it is very difficult to get to this university. Because true, but if you try your best, it is possible to realize their dreams, to study at Oxford.

Oldest Educational Institute:

The University of Oxford, one of the oldest educational institutions, is first mentioned in documents dating back to 1096. The exact date of the foundation is unknown. Although, it was first learned by monks, and in the Middle Ages – members of higher society, as in those days, education was essential to the dignity of all. Today Oxford, young professionals, create self-confidence. Knows his own equal rights who are able to achieve their goals.


Graduated from this university in leadership positions at major companies in Oxford. If they were trained at Oxford, then, find a way to switch to specific responsibilities out of any situation, because, they are most responsible for quickly adapting to a new place. Trusted at work. It is these people and successful companies that need it. Therefore, it is not difficult to guess why many dream of getting into the ranks of the students of this university.

What to do in Oxford?

Education at Oxford, Of course, the applicant must be fluent in English, but this knowledge is not enough to ensure that you receive it. The competition is huge, so everyone goes through a rigorous selection of university teachers. Before you go to Oxford, you need to go through high-quality training. It is better to start in the senior classes for a couple of years before the exam at the university school. Ideal – Training in one of the UK’s prestigious schools.

Proof of surrender of three exams on knowledge of the English language is not required to take care of obtaining the certificate. Foreign students in one of the summer centers to undergo special training, do not interfere. If possible, it should be translated into one of the UK’s most prestigious schools. Do not forget about performance reviews in all subjects should be as high. This approach to doing business in the future will join the ranks of the university’s outstanding students, no more puzzles than what to do at Oxford.

Interview in Oxford Institute:

Education at Oxford requires you on a special form. The first thing to write a letter and send it to the university. After a positive answer, you need to take a test and an interview with Oxford professors. You need to show them all the knowledge and skills, should be interested in university students. To stand out, you can tell about your academic or sports achievements.

Selection Committee:

The selection committee is specifically required to provide a complete package of documents in this period. So that he can contact the university student and inform his decision. You must leave contact information that is what to do in Oxford. You can only get a visa, and with peace of mind to go to study in the UK.

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